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Kinney & Lange serves a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 corporations to start-up businesses and individuals. To each, we strive to offer the highest-quality intellectual property services, combined with flexible and competitive pricing strategies that reflect the modern business environment. Since our formation over thirty years ago, we have secured, licensed and maintained national and international intellectual property rights for our clients throughout the world. We have also successfully defended these rights in litigation, and through professional, confidential and cost-effective mediation and settlement services. Striving for excellent service on every matter we handle is one of our core values. For more information about our practice areas and capabilities, see our practice areas and experience pages. You can also find more information about our individual attorneys and staff via our Professionals page.

At Kinney & Lange we work to understand your particular goals and objectives. Though our understanding of your goals and objectives we are able to develop unique IP strategies to fit your particular needs. Whether you are developing your first product or are established in the marketplace, we apply strategy and experienced portfolio management to support the protection of your IP both in the U.S. and abroad. Our attorneys have experience both drafting IP filings and defending IP in court. We use our experience with both prosecution and litigation to anticipate challenges that may lay down the road. We help you develop IP strategies to address both your current needs and to anticipate future protections that fit your business interests.

We work with you to both protect your IP and allow you to launch your products with confidence. We have spent years refining our process for freedom-to-operate analysis to support the development and clearance of your IP. At Kinney & Lange we help you identify potential issues and develop strategies to overcome those potential issues. . Identifying and solving problems before they arise is the best defense.

Creating a meaningful dialogue and genuinely engaging with clients is a hallmark of Kinney & Lange. When we communicate with clients we do not rely on legalese; instead, we focus on the relevant information and clarify the most important issues to keep you informed. Clients rely on us for our knowledge and value our ability to simplify the IP language and process into meaningful conversations. At Kinney & Lange we truly enjoy the research and prosecution of IP and are willing to work with clients to achieve their goals. We understand the world of inventors and research and development and we work with you to protect your IP. We are approachable, hardworking, and honest, and we care about what we do and our clients.

Please refer to the Our Approach page to understand further how Kinney & Lange IP attorneys approach the practice of law.

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