After more than 30 years of focusing exclusively on national and international intellectual property issues for our clients, Kinney & Lange attorneys have a base of industry knowledge that has kept pace with the most robust portfolios and innovators of our time. We are dedicated to our craft in all aspects of patents, copyrights and trademarks as well as licensing rights and intellectual property litigation. Rather than just identifying which legal issues may impact your business, we can work with your team to support well-managed portfolios and the timely launch of products and services worldwide.

Managing Risk Across Product Lines

Kinney & Lange’s experience across technologies supports comprehensive risk management for new and existing product lines and services. Gain confidence to launch through our careful analysis and interpretation of legal issues, including landscape searches, a tailored IP filing and prosecution process and complex clearance implementation. We take protections further by engaging with foreign IP firms, writing opinions of counsel and also providing in-house IP litigation and expert witness services.

Protection Throughout the IP Life Cycle

When you are a client of Kinney & Lange, you gain context. We are skilled at applying our intellectual property litigation experience and knowledge of many technologies and industries. You gain a discrete and strategic approach to protecting your comprehensive IP interests. We know how important protection of intellectual property and trade secrets are to the success and value of your business. Accuracy built on knowledge is the value we deliver every day.

The following is a partial list of the technologies for which Kinney & Lange provides global IP legal and litigation services. Learn more about our practice.

  • 3-D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • Advanced Materials
  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural Equipment and Processes
  • Automotive
  • Building Systems (e.g., elevators, escalators, moving walkways)
  • Chemicals
  • Communications and Networking
  • Data Storage Media (e.g., disk drives, solid state drives, flash/NAND memory)
  • Electrical
  • Energy and Power Systems
  • Environmental Control and HVAC Systems
  • Fluid Handling and Process Controls
  • Food Processing
  • Gaming
  • Life Science/Biology
  • Mechanical devices
  • Medical Devices
  • Metallurgy
  • Nanotechnology
  • Office Products
  • Oil & Gas Exploration Technology
  • Outdoor, Sporting and Recreational Equipment
  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors, Transducers, and Control Equipment
  • Software