Clients have entrusted Kinney & Lange copyright attorneys to advise and help them to secure and enforce protection of their creative works and investments suited to their goals. We help simplify copyrights, so that you understand how they impact your business. Kinney & Lange has handled copyright matters in a number of areas, and can assist with:


Your creativity is valuable and is worth protecting. Digital technology has introduced new opportunities for authorship, and new challenges in maintaining control and ownership of your works. Registration of software, written works, music, architectural designs, and audiovisual productions, among others, can be the first step to protecting and potentially monetizing your investment of time and resources. Kinney & Lange attorneys can give you the confidence to move forward knowing that copyright registrations are filed for your creative works. Talk to us if you have questions about how to get a copyright.

Licensing and Other Agreements

Licensing agreements can provide revenue or strategic access to the intellectual property of others. They can also ease entry into new markets. Agreements with employees, vendors, and competitors can be critical to minimizing the challenges and potential exposure associated with conflicts, while maximizing the value for you. Kinney & Lange attorneys can help develop copyright licensing strategies, draft and review relevant agreements, and guide you through difficult negotiations. For more information see our Licensing page.

Disputes and Litigation

We counsel and represent clients with preparing for, initiating, and defending copyright actions, working informally in settlement negotiations, as well as in the courtroom to resolve disputes. Talk to us about your issues, whether an accusation that you have infringed someone’s copyright or that someone else is infringing your copyright. Kinney & Lange has experience before, during, and after issues arise. For more information on our litigation services, please see our Litigation page.