Intellectual Property Strategy Development

IP Strategy Development

When you select an intellectual property (IP) law firm, the services that add value come to light in the ongoing relationship. Kinney & Lange’s IP attorneys can discuss IP strategies that tie into your overall business objectives and help you gain valuable guidance on portfolio management, the merits of a patent, trademark or copyright filing, and also potential infringement issues. When developing and maintaining an IP portfolio, our standard is to provide thorough analysis, quality patent and trademark searches, and dependable patent and trademark application drafting and prosecution. Clients also appreciate our in-depth analysis and simplified communications.

Strategic Advisors

Before advising you on a patent or trademark strategy or making recommendations to your IP legal team, Kinney & Lange attorneys seek to understand the underlying business strategies that can support a robust IP portfolio. We care about results in our approach to all IP matters. Kinney & Lange applies strategy and experienced portfolio management to support protection of your IP on a global scale. We have the in-house experience to foresee successful IP portfolio strategies that fit your business or academic interests. For instance, we understand that planning for a global IP portfolio may require different approaches than purely domestic portfolios, to facilitate compliance with foreign laws while still providing robust coverage across entire IP families. We are also ready to advise you on IP licensing and assignment issues related to monetization or corporate mergers & acquisitions.

Managing Existing and Growing Portfolios

Kinney & Lange advises clients on a number of IP strategies, and helps to manage existing and growing portfolios. Kinney & Lange coordinates and supervises global IP portfolios through providing historical and ongoing mapping and analysis services for patent, trademark and trade secret assets, as well as the ability to negotiate licenses and transfers. We work with our clients to help contain the complex costs of global IP protection to help maximize the value of our clients’ existing and future IP assets.

Managing Risk

Does your planned corporate M&A activity mean you are buying into an IP lawsuit? Is your company undervalued for an acquisition because your key technologies or brands lack IP protection? Kinney & Lange’s experience across numerous technologies supports comprehensive risk management for M&A due diligence, as well as for new and existing product lines and services. Kinney & Lange’s IP services can help you gain confidence to move forward with key mergers, asset purchases, and product launches through our careful analysis and translation of legal issues, as well as through our competitive intelligence analyses including landscape searches, diligence studies, and complex clearance implementation. See our Technology Analysis & Clearance Review page for more details. We can also assist with tailor-made IP filings to bolster your IP portfolio and boost your corporate valuation. We don’t just identify potential issues. We work to understand how they apply to your situation and/or specific technology.

Liaison with Foreign Counsel

Many of Kinney & Lange’s clients have international IP assets and business strategies that require counsel and portfolio management with foreign IP attorneys. We have built trusted relationships with foreign counsel in dozens of countries. This includes knowledge of the centralized European patent examination process as well as IP matters in Asia, Canada, South America, Australia, Mexico and Africa. We can advise on the merits of international filings or licensing when managing an existing portfolio. If you have existing foreign counsel, expect a seamless experience with our firm.