International Intellectual Property Protection

After years of representing and defending client intellectual property, Kinney & Lange has developed relationships with IP lawyers in dozens of countries. We communicate regularly with these firms on a variety of matters that impact patent filings and prosecution as well as trademark, trade secret and IP licensing protection.

Timely International IP Counsel

One benefit of working with Kinney & Lange is our access to foreign IP firms when time is limited and you need a trusted interpretation of international IP laws for your business strategy. Our experience includes IP matters in the centralized European system as well as strategies for individual countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. We will streamline communications with foreign counsel to help you understand the appropriate next steps in a given jurisdiction — and whether or not they have merit based on your specific goals.

We frequently support IP protection and management through our clients’ existing relationships with foreign IP counsel. Let us know which firms you currently engage, and we can coordinate projects with them..

U.S. Prosecution and Litigation Support

Likewise, international IP law firms can count on the accessible and personal approach of Kinney & Lange. Our only focus is intellectual property. We bring scientific credentials for thorough analysis as well as expert witness services and litigation counsel. Working with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for decades, our team is dedicated to translating U.S. laws into simple terms for expedited filings and prosecution, clearance and protection.

Foreign law firms and companies choose Kinney & Lange to support Paris Convention patent applications, PCT national stage patent applications, Madrid Protocol trademark applications, and Hague agreement design applications. We provide quality and insight in the handling of these cases to help you manage costs.

“Freedom-to-Operate” Clearance Review

If you are unsure whether your product or service may infringe on existing IP rights in the U.S. or other countries, Kinney & Lange offers a thorough process for search, analysis and IP clearance review. Experienced in the complex U.S. system, we can coordinate analysis with international IP lawyers and databases to not only provide search results, but also translate them into a solid business strategy to move forward.

Practical Business Advice

Do you really need IP protection? Kinney & Lange will only steer you toward international IP protection if it aligns with true business benefits. We learn about your goals, and then provide the research and honest counsel to help you make decisions. Sometimes IP rights are valuable enough to merit the time and costs; other times they’re not. We’ll help you pursue what makes the most sense. Learn more on our IP Strategy Development Page.