Trade Secrets

Kinney & Lange can help you protect your intellectual property at all stages of development, from conception to execution. While developing products or services, or even when devising original ways to manufacture products both new and old, you will likely develop intellectual property (IP) that can be protected by pursuing a patent or by maintaining a trade secret. In fact, many patents begin as trade secrets before the IP is actually ready to be patented. Trade secrets can also arise in other settings, such as with confidential client lists and sales/marketing information. Kinney & Lange IP attorneys can advise you on the merits of pursuing a patent or copyright on your intellectual property or of maintaining your IP as a trade secret. For more information, see our IP Strategy Development page. Kinney & Lange can also provide mapping and analysis services to help you maintain a clear picture of your current and potential trade secrets.

Most trade secret disputes arise when employees depart and take confidential information with them. Kinney & Lange can also help you develop a plan and procedures for proactively protecting your trade secrets. It is important that you have procedures in place to ensure that your trade secrets are being protected before disputes arise. Our attorneys have experience with both obtaining protection for intellectual property and with litigating intellectual property disputes. In addition, our industry experience helps us to provide real world procedures and processes to effectively protect your trade secrets. Our focus is on your business, and our broad experience helps us to work with you to make sure your trade secrets remain secret and out of the hands of competitors.

For more information about out litigation services, see our Litigation page.