Connor Williams


1 (612) 337-7231

Professional Experience

Connor focuses his practice on prosecuting patent applications in the United States as well as coordinating and supervising related foreign prosecution in global IP portfolios. This includes drafting patent applications, addressing resulting prosecution, providing recommendations for foreign patent applications, and conducting patentability searches. Connor has experience prosecuting patents in the areas of agricultural implements, aerospace products, engines, automated vehicles, exercise equipment, power tools, heat exchangers, and other general mechanical equipment. 

Connor also has experience with design patents, discerning and predicting the IP strategies of clients’ competitors, and developing lists of potential competitors for new entrants into the field of patents. While in law school, Connor did two years of research under intellectual property professor Jason Rantanen who is a co-author of Patently-O, participated in studies on the Federal Circuit, and contributed to editing Professor Rantanen’s Intro to Intellectual Property casebook. While in undergrad, Connor did research with the Robotics and Dynamics Lab as well as the BYU Transportation Lab.   

Connor is an Eagle Scout and speaks Swedish. He enjoys “inventing” new baking recipes, playing basketball, playing his guitar, and sitting down for a casual game of Magic the Gathering.